Parshas Chukas

Print PDF By Rabbi Shloimie Lindenbaum על גבול ארץ אדום לאמר (פרק כ פסוק כג) Klal Yisroel continue their journey through the desert, and they send a request to Edom (descendants of Eisav) to pass through their land. They phrase their question as a message from “your brother, Israel”. Immediately after their request is denied, […]

Are we the Greatest Generation

Print PDF By Rabbi Naftoly Bier In פרשיות of בהעלותך, שלח, קרח, we have learned of the “mistakes” that our greatest ancestors made. As we study these events, we understand that these were the greatest of people who due to this, were held to supreme, perfect standards. But we are troubled. Who are we compared […]

Parshas Korach

Print PDF By Rabbi Shloimie Lindenbaum רב לכם בני לוי (פרק טז פסוק ז) Korach comes with his followers to complain that Moshe has taken too many honors for himself and his brother. Moshe commands them to come the next day with an offering of קטרות and Hashem will show whom He chooses to serve […]

A Delicate Balance

Print PDF By Rabbi Naftoly Bier In פרקי אבות, Ethics of our Fathers 5:17, it states: “What is an example of an argument that is for the ‘sake of Heaven’, for selfless spiritual advancements, the halachic disputes between Bais Hillel and Bais Shammai.” The case of a dispute that represents self-interests is this week’s portion, […]

It’s Solely G-d’s World

Print PDF By Rabbi Naftoly Bier The episode of the מרגלים, the twelve “spies” sent by משה רבינו to scout the land of present-day Israel is fraught with many perplexing questions. They are introduced by the Torah as, “ראשי בני ישראל המה” (יג:ג) , “כולם אנשים “they are all distinguished people, the leaders of the […]

Parshas Shelach

Print PDF By Rabbi Shloimie Lindenbaum היש בה עץ אם אין…ולקחתם מפרי הארץ (פרק יג פסוק כ) Moshe sends the spies to scout out the land of Israel and instructs them to see if there is a tree and to bring fruit from the land. Rashi explains that the tree symbolizes a good and proper […]

The Path to Achievement

Print PDF By Rabbi Naftoly Bier Prior to the giving of the Torah to Klal Yisroel at Mt. Sinai, all those that had an infirmity, i.e. lame, deaf, blind, were miraculously healed by the Creator. There is a discussion at what point was the gift taken away; was it at the incident of the Golden […]

Parshas Behaalosecha

Print PDF By Rabbi Shloimie Lindenbaum אל נא תעזב אתנו…והיית לנו לעינים (פרק י פסוק לא) The Torah describes how Yisro, Moshe’s father-in-law, wanted to leave the Jews in the desert and return to his homeland, and Moshe tried, unsuccessfully, to get him to stay. Moshe asked him, “please do not leave us… as you […]

Parshas Naso

Print PDF By Rabbi Shloimie Lindenbaum ועשה הכהן אחד לחטאת…מאשר חטא על הנפש (פרק ו פסוק יא) When a person decides to be a נזיר they are not allowed to drink wine, cut their hair, or become impure by coming into contact with a dead person. If there is an uncontrollable situation in which they […]

Life Lessons from the Nazir

Print PDF By Rabbi Naftoly Bier In this week’s portion, we are introduced to the נזיר, Nazirite, a person who dedicates themselves to elevating their spiritual sensitivity and steadfastness. Chazal teach us that the Torah equates this period of one’s life to the lofty status of the כהן גדול, the High Priest! The גמרא נדרים […]