Listen to Rabbi Bier's Inspiring Lessons Now

Listen to Rabbi Bier's Inspiring Lessons Now

Classes Being Held Online - Click for This Week's Schedule

Classes Being Held Online - Click for This Week's Schedule




From its beginning in 1989, the Boston Kollel has focused on two goals -

  • to develop rabbinic scholars who are also well-qualified to serve as effective leaders and educators in the Jewish community, and,
  • to provide the community with opportunities for Torah study. To achieve these two objectives, the Kollel has operated on two parallel, complementary levels.

It is a place of Jewish learning, where a small group of carefully selected, already fully-trained, rabbis continue their studies as Kollel Fellows. At the same time, these Fellows take time off from their studies to conduct classes, answer questions, and provide one-on-one learning opportunities (chavrusa) that bring their knowledge of Torah and Jewish law to bear on communal issues and personal concerns.

Since 1989, the Kollel has grown to offer tens of classes weekly. Kollel Fellows provide one-on-one partner study (chavrusa) sessions responding to individual needs. Classes are held at the Kollel and in area synagogues, law and business offices in downtown Boston and in Worcester, Natick, Newton, and Cambridge, and on college campuses. These classes offer both traditional learning and exploration of how Torah and its teachings apply to such diverse subjects as parenting, leading a Jewish life in a non-Jewish world, and living a life suffused with enthusiasm, serenity and self-fulfillment.

Kollel Fellows have gone on to enrich the Greater Boston community and Jewish communities nationwide by becoming teachers at day schools and yeshivos, energetic young congregational rabbis, and deans of yeshivos and other Kollels.

Founded in Memory of Rabbi Philip Cohen


  • From the first time I got to meet the Kollel in Boston and its wonderful staff I must admit, they are one of a kind.
    Moe Levine // A Good Frum Jew
  • As a Baal Teshuva who works in the secular world, I feel a constant pull away from Yiddishkeit. Through the shiurim, chavrusa learning, and socializing I partake in at the Kollel, I am able to resist this pull in a manner that would be far more difficult without the Boston Kollel. Thank you Kollel Rebbeim and staff.
    Dr. Michael Schonberg, MD
  • During recent years, I have been very fortunate to learn with several of the Kollel Rabbis. Learning one-on-one with one of the Kollel "Yungerleit" has often been the "best hour of the week". It is a great opportunity to delve into the classic sources and to deepen my appreciation of knowledge of Halacha, as well as being enriched by broader insights into Torah values. Personal advice from Rabbi Bier has been invaluable.
    Michael Markson // Brighton Resident
  • As for the kollel, it was really my stepping stone towards full time learning. I hadn't ever enjoyed learning or really knew how to, before I started learning there, and I came to the kollel hoping to change that. And after the short five months I spent there, I definitely felt an enhanced desire to grow in learning, as my understanding of Talmud Torah and what I wanted to gain from it, were more clearly defined. Once I knew where I was headed, it made (and still makes) my time in yeshiva better spent.
    Shimmy // Newton Resident
  • The Boston Kollel offers the unique opportunity to learn one-on-one with someone who is at a high level. I learned so much and I made a great friend.
    Eric David Kramer // PhD Student, Harvard University
  • We are grateful to the Kollel of Greater Boston for coming into our community to learn and study with us on a regular basis
    Dr. Lyle Mitzner, MD
  • I have attended gemara classes at the Kollel for many years and gained a lot from all of the instructors. I always come away with a sense of accomplishment and happiness to be "Mkayeim talmud torah l'shma" in this warm atmosphere.
    Dr. J. Houben, MD
  • I first connected with the Boston Kollel 10 years ago, and stayed connected ever since. I participated in many shiurim, but most importantly I appreciate countless advice and guidance from many qualified Rabbeim. The classes offer insight and depth of Torah knowledge. Take a class and open doors to the millennia of Jewish wisdom treasury.
    Ross Zilber // VP John Hancock