Parshas Chayei Sara

Print PDF By Rabbi Shloimie Lindenbaum ויהיו חיי שרה וכו’ (פרק כג פסוק א) The Parsha begins with the death of Sarah and Avraham’s subsequent search for a proper gravesite for his late wife. Rabbeinu Yonah deems this to be the tenth and final test in which Hashem tested Avraham. He explains that although Avraham […]

The Twosome of Greatness

Print PDF By Rabbi Naftoly Bier We learn in this week’s Parsha that אברהם אבינו, our patriarch Avrohom, acquired a burial place for his deceased wife from the בני חת, the children of Heth. It was מערת המכפלה, the cave of Machpelah (the double cave), (where couples were buried). Avrohom Avinu specifically desired this place […]