Parshas Shemos

Print PDF By Rabbi Shloime Lindenbaum ויהי כי יראו המילדות את האלקים ויעש להם בתים (פרק ב פסוק כא) Shifrah and Puah, the G-d-fearing Jewish midwives, risked their lives defying Pharoah’s order to kill all Jewish male babies. The פסוק says that as a reward, Hashem established houses for them. Rashi explains this to mean […]

Parshas Shemos: Selfless Dedication

Print PDF By Rabbi Naftoly Bier We are introduced to משה רבינו, our great teacher and leader Moshe Rabeinu, as one who passionately with compassion went to feel the pain of his people and later on, in his life, one who saved seven non-Jewish women (daughters of Yisro) from abuse, and one whose “vocation” was […]