Parshas Mikeitz | Chanukah

Print PDF By Rabbi Shloimie Lindenbaum ויאמר פרעה אל יוסף אחרי הודיע אלקים אותך את כל זאת…אתה תהיה על ביתי (פרק מא פסוק לט-מ) After Yosef satisfactorily explains Pharoah’s dreams, Pharoah exclaims that it is evident that Yosef should be appointed as viceroy over Mitzrayim. What about Yosef’s ability to interpret dreams translates into him […]

Chanukah: To Thank and Praise

Print PDF By Rabbi Naftoly Bier Both in the added prayer in שמונה עשרה, the Amidah and ברכת המזון, Grace after Meals, of על הנסים, where we recount the miracles of the Chanukah story; we articulate our obligation להודות ולהלל, to thank and to praise. We also mention this phrase in על הנסים, when we […]