Parshas Vayeishev

Print PDF By Rabbi Shloimie Lindenbaum אלה תולדות יעקב יוסף (פרק לז פסוק ב) The Parsha introduces the story of Yosef and his brothers by stating “these are the chronicles (or offspring, see Rashi) of Yaakov, Yosef etc.” Simply, the Pasuk is saying that Yaakov’s life story was shaped through the following story regarding Yosef. […]

Parshas Vayeishev: Royalty and Dignity

Print PDF By Rabbi Naftoly Bier In תהלים קי”ד, Psalms chapter 114:2 it states, “היתה יהודה לקדשו ישראל ממשלותיו, Yehuda became His (Hashem’s) sanctuary (the family of royalty) Yisroel (the Jewish people) His dominions.” The גמרא סוטה לז, Talmud Sotah 37a, explains that when the Jewish people were trapped between the ים סוף, the Reed […]