Thirty-First Anniversary Banquet

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Dear Friend,

Usually, at this time every year, all of our dear friends and supporters receive an announcement/invitation regarding our annual banquet. We gather yearly to rejoice and celebrate the impact that the Kollel has on personal lives and the flourishing of the community, all while feeling the warmth and unity engendered by the the banquet.

Unfortunately, this year, when we were looking with great expectation to gather together, it will not happen. Nevertheless, with great anticipation and enthusiasm, we will celebrate iy”h via a video presentation entitled How the Kollel has Illuminated Jewish Life Internationally the 31st anniversary of the Kollel on the 31st day of January. (We will announce on our website the exact details.)

In this depraved, decadent world, the Kollel has been an inspiring beacon of light. Even this year with the use of technology, our lives have been enriched, edifed, and ennobled through Torah study

Please, in these times, we ask you to enable the Kollel to continue to bring positivity and meaning to countless people by placing a greeting or advertisment in our journal.

With great appreciation and profound gratitude for your forthcoming gracious support,

Rabbi Naftoly Bier
Rosh Kollel
    Rabbi Zalman Leff
Rosh Kollel
    Rabbi Yaakov Bier
Director of Development


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